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ICS Journal Entry – A New Day, A New Ship

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Today’s post draws inspiration from a full length novel that I’ve been writing for quite some time. The genre for the novel, as well as this particular back story, is Military Science Fiction and has influences that originate from both David Weber (Honor Harrington) and Jack Campbell (The Lost Fleet).

with regard to format, I decided to do this piece as a Journal Entry; a journal seemed to be what fitted best to the initial concept that I had framed. Hopefully it’s an enjoyable read. Comments as always are welcome and I must admit to liking the idea of knocking out a few journals based on this back story. Anyway, less chat and on with the journal!

ICS Journal Entry – A New Day, A New Ship

Today was my first day on board ship and I must admit its been pretty eventful!

The ride up to my new posting, the ICS Colossus, was bumpy to say the least. Being tightly packed into a fifty man assault shuttle with a rocket booster strapped to the back was never going to be the smoothest of rides. What made the ride even worse was the guy in the next seat, jabbing me in the ribs with his bony elbow. He insisted it was accidental, but after a while it became a constant source of irritation for the thirty minute journey.

Still the ride up gave me an opportunity to see my new home, albeit a painful one. To make things worse, I managed to strain my neck getting a first glimpse at the newest and largest ship in the fleet. From the outside, the Colossus lives up to her name, very impressive at over five kilometres long if the specs are to be believed! The ICS Colossus is a Titan class ship, one of the few Dreadnaughts in the fleet, and is commanded by the legendary Olaf Erikksen. The Nordic Commodore’s reputation for being a ball busting, no holds barred commander is well suited to a ship designed for confrontation and space-borne assault.

Between the Commodore and the Colossus, I’m not sure who is more intimidating. First blood however must go to the Commodore following a chance meeting in corridor B12. His steely blue eyes were enough to disengage my legs from the rest of my body, the ensuing stumble causing me to fall through a service hatch. I don’t think the Commodore noticed my stumble, but the technicians I landed on certainly did. Luckily they reacted with sympathy to my fall, friendly smiles and a promise to check on me later an indication that the crew are a really nice bunch of people.

The Colossus will eventually be assigned to the second fleet at Deverast, under the overall control of Rear Admiral Brown, but before that we have a shake-down to get past. Word around deck is that the shake-down will actually be a fully operational combat exercise instead of the normal cruise, so everyone is pretty up for seeing what the Colossus can do. The level of expectation is like nothing I have ever seen before, you can almost feel the electricity.

My role on-board ship is that of third line combat Systems Officer, a position that I will formally start in just over an hour’s time. Combat Systems Officer sounds impressive, but it’s basically a fancy name for engineer, a job I’ve been training for all my life. The job involves maintaining weapon systems, more specifically three of the starboard tertiary plasma turrets, and will give me a front row seat when the Colossus finally gets stuck into combat.

Speaking of combat, rumour has it that our opponents for the shake-down exercise will be none other than Task Force Alexandria, a squadron of six Battleships assigned to the nearby home fleet. I’m pretty familiar with the task force as my older brother Harvey is assigned to one of those ships, the ICS Doomwolf.

If those rumours are true, our next communique will be pretty soon, which is good as we have a lot of catching up to do. Last I heard, he was an engineer in Tactical Operations, with promotion just round the corner. Of course that was his opinion, but six months has passed since then so you never know. My older brother is one of the reasons I applied for a position in the fleet; that and my apparent aptitude for weapon systems.

Anyway, as much as I would like to continue with this journal entry, I have a busy day ahead, starting with a uniform to press and shoes to shine. I’m sure my next journal entry will be uneventful but until then…..

Signing off for now, Lieutenant Henrietta Jones


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Part Time writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, both long and short!

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