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So, the last couple of evenings has seen me hard at work, editing, re-editing, restoring and re-editing once more, the first chapter of my Military Science Fiction novel. As everyone knows, the first paragraph and chapter have the ability to both draw in the reader and lose them, hence why I’ve returned back to the start. Initially this seemed like taking a step back, having made it to Chapter six and twenty thousand words, but then a year into writing, obviously my style has changed, hopefully improving.

Anyway, back to editing the first chapter. One moment, I’ll edit, read back a paragraph and be happy with it, only to read it again later and realise that the original was better. This exercise has been occurring time and again over the last few nights and is, as everyone knows, incredibly frustrating.

Of course tonight, I’ve finally arrived at something I’m happy with. But I can guarantee that either tomorrow or sometime in the future, the critic monster that lurks in all of us will rear it’s ugly head and demand a rewrite. Until then…..

Oh bugger it, I think I’ll give it one more read!


Author: Weltchysnotebook

Part Time writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, both long and short!

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