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Festival de la Memoria


Below is my 100 word (ish) submission to the Friday Fictioneers. Photo prompt this week is courtesy of DLovering.

As always, comments are appreciated. I try to read everyone’s submission, but with submissions reaching triple digits each week, it’s sometimes difficult to get round to each one. Therefore, I tend to read those who I follow, or who like / comment my story. And finally, I also try for a random selection from the list.

Just a quick word on the writing group. The Friday Fictioneers are a friendly group of online writers from all over the globe who endeavour to create short but fantastical tales with which to enthrall and inspire both reader and writer alike. The genres and styles of writing are varied, so there is something for everyone to be found within its midst.

The group has been under Rochelle’s stewardship now for two years to the week, so this is a birthday of sorts. Happy Birthday Friday Fictioneers. On a side note, today (Thursday 10th April) is also my Birthday!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the story.


Copyright – DLovering

Festival de la Memoria

Her caress is electric, sparking memories of desire. Moving closer, she speaks, a ghostly whisper that stirs uncontrollable passion within my loins.

“It’s been awhile, hasn’t it.”

Powerless to resist, her body presses close, legs entwining to draw me into the dance. The music of the festival pulls at us, it’s hypnotic beat alive with purpose, driving us toward exhaustion.

“Goodbye, my love.”

The music ends, and with it she is gone, disappearing into the night. Her words carry a lifetime of regret, renewing the pain of loss once again.

As tears stream down my face, I mouth three simple words, knowing full well that the dead cannot reply.

“I miss you.”


Author: Weltchysnotebook

Part Time writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, both long and short!

32 thoughts on “Festival de la Memoria

  1. One last dance at the Memory Fest. Quite good.

  2. Nice imagery! Felt like i was there, watching them -which made me a little uncomfortable. But take that as a compliment, a testament to your writing abilities!

  3. It’s strange how this prompt has taken several people along the lines of remembrance of past loves at the fiesta. You did this well.

  4. Your story is lovely and sad. We wrote very similar stories this week. Happy Birthday to you! My birthday is tomorrow, and I forgot to mention that in my FF post. Oh well. Aries rock!

  5. A lovely sensual piece. Similar to Lisa’s, it’s true, but in some ways very different. That’s the beauty of Friday Fiction!

  6. Happy birthday a day late. You’re right about it taking time to read all the stories or even many of them. But what do you mean about fantastical stories??? You mean they aren’t all true? 🙂 Enjoyed your story very much. Thanks for being sensual without being vulgar.


  7. Dear Weltchy,

    Happy birthday two days late. Hope it was a good one as was your story. You captured the sense of longing and made me ache for the MC.

    A tad bit of correction. I stumbled onto Friday Fictioneers two years ago. It wasn’t until October of that year that I assumed the driver’s seat. That in itself is amazing to me since it was going on at least a year or longer before I came aboard. This week is the anniversary of my first entry to FF.



  8. I really appreciate this very bittersweet dance on memory lane. Amazing that you can feel and touch someone like that… A prescience of loss can be so apparent.

  9. Sensual and ghostly – well done,

  10. Good story. I hope he finally gets over his deep sorrow and goes on with his life. Lovely emotions expressed. Well done.

  11. Vivid and poignant memories here. He’ll never forget her.

  12. Beautifully written this piece of memories and lost desires.

  13. A beautiful opening line and a bitter sweet dance along memory lane-made me wistful and sad too!Well done!

  14. Happy Birthday to you! Also, I love the story and it is sad! But, during those few moments he is daydreaming or dreaming of his lost love, he is so happy! Good story – I mean it – Great story! Nan 🙂

  15. I had a feeling she was dead. Some memories can be so sad and the loss of that physical pull …..

  16. ha… too bad i missed this one coupla weeks ago

  17. Pingback: Defenseless | V-Hypnagogic-Logic

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