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Death by Chocolate


After a months absence, I thought it time to submit yet another 100 word (ish) submission to the Friday Fictioneers. Photo prompt this week is courtesy of Douglas M. MacIlroy.

As always, comments are appreciated. I will try to read everyone’s submission, but with submissions reaching triple digits each week, it’s difficult to get round to everyone. Therefore, I try to read those who I follow, or who like / comment my story. I also hit a random selection from the list. You know know what gems you will find.

Finally, a short word on the weekly challenge. The Friday Fictioneers are a friendly group of online writers from all over the globe who endeavour to create short but fantastical tales with which to enthral and inspire both reader and writer alike. The genres and styles of writing are varied, so there’s something for everyone to be found within its midst.

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

Death by Chocolate

“Can’t say as I’ve ever tried it before.”

Martha’s haughty expression changed to surprise as Edward’s unassuming gift slid between her lips; a sweet, chocolatey morsel that was not at all unpleasant.

“My god, it’s almost….”

The sentence remained unfinished, Martha dropping any pretense at dignity as she stuffed her mouth with more of the exquisite confectionary. Feigning concern, Edward watched as his one-time paramour buried her face in the plate, Martha’s depravity complete as she began licking the sides, a reaction that did not surprise to Edward.

Pushing away any feelings of guilt, Edward continued to watch as Martha’s deadly symptoms gathered pace. Things could have been different, he thought, but Martha’s clumsy attempt at blackmail had put paid to that.


Author: Weltchysnotebook

Part Time writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, both long and short!

27 thoughts on “Death by Chocolate

  1. Not such a sweet treat after all!

  2. Dear Weltchy, You are so clever with this! I love it. Well, she won’t be blackmailing anyone else. I have never understood why people would blackmail someone when the perfect solution (to their mark) would be to eliminate blackmailer. Death by Chocolate is a wonderful title and a delicious dessert. Nan 🙂

    • Thanks Nan, really appreciate your comments. Title wise, it started off as Chocolate tomfoolery, because I had another ending in mind initially, but as always, the story took me somewhere else and ‘Death by Chocolate’ seemed more fitting.

  3. Very graphic. You conjured up quite a horrifying and revolting picture there. Well done.

  4. Ah.. there is a price to be paid.. at least she got a sense a sweet at the end.

  5. Oh Martha…she really should have stuck to her diet!

  6. This is both funny and horrifying. Personally I’m glad I’m addicted to potato chips. Well done.

  7. Dear Weltchy,

    The image of haughty Martha turning into a gluttonous maniac is disturbing. Obviously the chocolate was not only poisoned but laced with some kind of drug as well. Nicely played.



  8. Loved your story!
    Won`t make me give up chocolate though.

  9. Weltchy, I’ve heard of death by chocolate, but never read such a graphic description of it. It sounds like something from the Twilight Zone. Well written. 🙂 — Susan

  10. Great take ion that image – I’ve seen those chocolates before. And what clever revenge.

  11. For some, chocolate is a drug. Put a little sea salt and caramel with it and, well, mmmmm! Anyway, Martha is a big fool to have taken chocolate from someone she’s blackmailing. I guess her addiction clouded her judgment. Great story!

  12. Great twist!

    Also, I’m with Lisa here: salty caramel chocolate is my favorite treat… 🙂

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