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Neil’s Yard


It’s been a few weeks, so I thought it time to submit yet another 100 word (ish) submission to the Friday Fictioneers. Photo prompt this week is courtesy of Clair Fuller.

As always, comments are appreciated. I will try to read everyone’s submission, but with submissions reaching triple digits each week, it’s difficult to get round to everyone. Therefore, I try to read those who I follow, or who like / comment my story. I also hit a random selection from the list. You know know what gems you will find.

Finally, a short word on the weekly challenge. The Friday Fictioneers are a friendly group of online writers from all over the globe who endeavour to create short but fantastical tales with which to enthral and inspire both reader and writer alike. The genres and styles of writing are varied, so there’s something for everyone to be found within its midst.

Claire Fuller (7)

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Claire Fuller

Neil’s Yard

‘Five minutes boss, he’ll be singing like a canary.’

Tommy’s high pitched squeal, mixed with a soft Glaswegian accent, belied his brutish appearance. Knuckles swollen and calloused, Tommy raised his fists to continue. If nothing else, he was enthusiastic.

‘Easy lad. The guy’s trying to talk.’

The subject of Tommy’s wrath was tied to a chair, face bruised from my enforcer’s exertations. Part of me felt sympathy for the guy; he was new to the area and didn’t know the turf. The second-hand car market was a cut throat business and didn’t take kindly to competition. Sometimes, you just had to make a statement.

Waving Tommy back, I indicated for the guy to speak.

‘You win Neil’, he spat through broken teeth. ‘Have the damn furry dice.’


Author: Weltchysnotebook

Part Time writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, both long and short!

30 thoughts on “Neil’s Yard

  1. Hah! The last line made me laugh out loud. Nice.

  2. Oh, the things people will fight over. Terrific ending! 🙂

  3. Great closing line, Weltchy. I wonder if those were the pink dice. Those are my favorite. Now, if he’ll just give up that little bobble-head puppy dog on the dash we’ll both be happy.

  4. I loved the last line but liked the title even more, since Neal’s Yard in London sells fabulous cheese. 🙂


  5. Very nice – the thuggery is well written, very real, and the humorous ending an unexpected twist.
    I liked it 🙂

  6. Dear Weltchy,

    That’s a lot to go through for a pair of fuzzy dice. 😉 I, too, laughed out loud at the end. Clever.



  7. Dear Weltchy,

    I thought the guy was getting worked over for going 33% above the 100 word limit. He still might be coming for you so be careful.



    • I normally go a little over the word count, but obviously you noticed I pushed the boundary a bit more with this one. For the sake of the furry dice line, i decided to run the risk. Hopefully the extra few words did not hamper your experience!

  8. Nice twist, made me smile. 🙂

  9. An ugly scene. Tommy obviouly loves his work, but I’m glad the victim gave in before it was too late for him. Good ending.

  10. Reading along, enjoying the story . . . last line? I said, “Oh, that’s funny!” right out loud.

    • I shared this story with my brother in law, Neil, who i used as inspiration. He reasurres me that this sort of occurance does not occur in real life. The wink at the end of his statement gave me cause for concetn however. Thanks for stopping by, glad i could brighten up your day with a bit of humour!

  11. OMG…things that make you go…bada dump! lol

  12. Weltchy, Brutal story with a funny ending twist. 😀 Looks like the next money the victim spends won’t be for furry dice but to get his teeth fixed. Well written. 🙂 — Susan

  13. Dear Weltchy, Perfect story – you nailed it for sure! Great! Nan 🙂

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