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Dragon Hunter


After a two month hiatus, I thought it time to again post a piece of flash fiction. Below is my latest submission for the Friday Fictioneers challenge. Photo prompt this week is courtesy of Doug MacIlroy.

As always, comments are appreciated. I will try to read everyone’s submission, but with submissions reaching triple digits each week, it’s difficult to get round to everyone. Therefore, I try to read those who I follow, or who like / comment my story. I also hit a random selection from the list. You know know what gems you will find.

Finally, a short word on the weekly challenge. The Friday Fictioneers are a friendly group of online writers from all over the globe who endeavour to create short but fantastical tales with which to enthral and inspire both reader and writer alike. The genres and styles of writing are varied, so there’s something for everyone to be found within its midst.


PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

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Dragon Hunter

“Gods man, it’s cold up here”.

I nod, returning Jimmy’s comment with a quaint smile. The mountain winds bite, but truth be told, my concern is more the task at hand than anything the mountain can throw at us.

I suspect Jimmy shares this sentiment, for his frost-bitten features reveal the truth, ready for his moment in history. He needn’t wait long, for the great beast soars into view, destiny trailing in its wake.

Even so far above, its form is majestic, leathery wings beating with oppressive force. I cannot help but feel in awe.

Suddenly it dives, hurtling at impossible speed. Watching, hubris is almost our downfall, for its intent is clear.



Author: Weltchysnotebook

Part Time writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, both long and short!

59 thoughts on “Dragon Hunter

  1. Dear Weltchy,

    Yep, good time to run. Welcome back.



  2. Oh, the hunter is the hunted. I love how in awe the hunter is by the majesty of the beast. Great story.

    • That’s for reading. Glad you enjoyed the story. I tried to impart that feeling of awe in the story. if i saw a dragon in the skies above, my first reaction would probably to watch in awe as well

  3. What wonderful visual and aural pictures you have drawn in this tale. I felt the cold, heard the wind, saw the entire scene unfolding. The dragon’s arrival left me feeling the awe and the horror of the occasion and I could understand that it kept them frozen to the ground until almost too late. Or was it too late?

    • An interesting question you pose Irene. Must admit, it’s undecided whether they end up engulfed in an inferno or dragon flame or the dragon is coming to meet them. Is the dragon intelligent or bestial. I like the strand of thought that the dragon will pose a question of them. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read

  4. destiny trailing in it’s wake – delightful line, made me whisper, “Oooohhh.” I can hear leathery wings and feel an ill-fated wind.

  5. You actually made me love the beast with your artistic description! 😛 Excellent stuff!

  6. You get across that ‘shock and awe’ of encountering the beast really well; this could easily be the start of a longer piece on dragon hunting.
    Nice work.

  7. Run. Scary creature. And, yes, awe is the word.

    Not sure about the quaint smile, though.

    • I used quaint to convey a kind of friendly disapproval between colleagues, if you catch my drift. I’ll have a think about it. It’s short of sarcastic, which is too strong in my mind.

  8. Oh I love this.. awe and fear together… I guess that you have to be careful around dragons.

  9. Hubris may indeed be their downfall…Well told story!

  10. Awe is under used. Nice read.

  11. “Run?” You would not have to tell me twice.


  12. Vivid! I hope they have somewhere to run to 🙂 Bonus points for “hubris”

  13. Great tension here. Welcome back!

  14. I love your descriptions, and the action is gripping. Great, sharp closing also.

  15. It sounds like it was well worth the climb – as long as they can run fast enough! Nice descriptions.

  16. I guess it won’t be so simple after all to get this dragon! They sounded almost too optimistic. I like the sudden surprise. Well done. Welcome back, Weltchy.

  17. Hubris was *almost* our downfall? Poor dragpn, went hungry ::sadface::

  18. they can run, but can they hide? hopefully, the beast is a friendly one. 🙂

  19. Great description. I saw this with my mind’s eye.

  20. It’s never good to forget that dragons are dangerous as well as beautiful, I guess. 🙂

  21. Dear Weltchy, GREAT STORY! I really liked the whole story – could easily be a James Patterson book! WOW! Glad you’re back! Nan

  22. Wonderful descriptions and a thoroughly captivating tale. 🙂 I hope they manage to reach safety before the dragon fries them to a crisp!

  23. Hope they are fast runners. Otherwise, I don’t think they’ll be cold for long!

    Great story with amazing imagery. Also very effectively draws the reader in right from the beginning with the dialogue. Use of the word “Gods” rather than the singular “God” tells us immediately we’re in another time and place.

    Just a couple of minor corrections: need to change “it’s” to “its” in two places.

    This could easily be the intro to a much longer and very intriguing story!

  24. Two months…dare I say worth the wait. Great read.

  25. Loved the descriptive feel that this has, it’s like standing next to the Dragon hunter.

  26. I think that running is counter-productive to gaining their moment in history. But, on the other hand, I certainly would have been skedaddling!!

    • Running is definitely counter productive. I’d like to think I’d be calm and collected, hidden to the side as the dragon arrived, not running away with arms flailing, screaming that the world is about to end and hoping he gets the other guy first. Regardless, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

  27. This is a great story. Wonderful imagery – I could see and feel everything as if I were right there with them.

  28. This story warns us to “never trust a dragon.” They destroyed a good many knights in the olden times. Great description and tension. Well done. Welcome back. 🙂 — Suzanne

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