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A Matter of Perspective

Hi Folks, time for another hundred word(ish) submission to the Friday Fictioneers.

Photo prompt this week is courtesy of Erin Leary.

As always, comments are appreciated. I will try to read everyone’s submission, but with submissions reaching triple digits each week, it’s difficult to get round to everyone. Therefore, I try to read those who I follow, or who like / comment my story. I also hit a random selection from the list. You know know what gems you will find.

Finally, a short word on the weekly challenge. The Friday Fictioneers are a friendly group of online writers from all over the globe who endeavour to create short but fantastical tales with which to enthral and inspire both reader and writer alike. The genres and styles of writing are varied, so there’s something for everyone to be found within its midst.

PHOTO PROMPT - © Erin Leary

PHOTO PROMPT – © Erin Leary

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A Matter of Perspective


The answer was subtle yet complex. Driven to comprehend Richard’s answer, I pressed, reiterating a question asked by many through time immemorial.

‘What colour is the dress?’

Richard laughed. ‘It depends on your perspective. All I see is mushroom.’

The dress in question lay behind a security field, allowing the public to view one of the great war’s few remaining artefacts. A period of turmoil, the war had turned cultures inside out as questions of race and religion were stripped bare to reveal the underlying truth; not that it mattered to a dress centuries old. To the dress, history was simply white and gold, a contrast to the black and blue that humankind perceived.