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The Immovable Mountain

As promised, I’ve published the first of many short stories that I hope to write in the near and far future. The story is called ‘The Immovable Mountain” and was conceived during a semi regular get together down the pub; where my friends and I ¬†discuss the past, present and future of everything and anything. The idea was born from a discussion with Jamie, a close friend of mine, talking about a number of characters that we had developed as a group, all situated in a Fantasy Realm of his creation. The conversation moved on toward character origins, which eventually planted the seed of an idea. This particular short story details the first meeting between a ranger and one of her closest companions, whom you shall hopefully discover by reading the story.

My aim is to have created an enjoyable yarn that will stir your imagination, so please feel free to provide any feedback and comments. Anyway, the short story can be found at the below page of this blog. Finally, credit should go toward my friend Jamie for the setting for this story and creating somewhere for the character to live, breathe and explore.