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Chocolate Mousse

This week’s short story takes a bit of a dive into the ridiculous. It’s what you see that counts when you first view the picture, so as you can guess from the title, I saw a field of chocolate mousse with a stock car topping. Very odd, but as I worked back to how the situation arose, the story just took off from there (No story pun intended).

Anyway, ‘Chocolate Mousse’ is my latest submission for the Friday Fictioneers challenge. Photo prompt this week is courtesy of Jean L Hays.

I will try to read everyone’s submission, unlike last week where I failed miserably in attempting to read other stories. Sorry if you read, liked or/and commented about mine and I did not return the favour.

Finally, a short word on the weekly challenge. The Friday Fictioneers are a friendly group of online writers from all over the globe who endeavour to create short but fantastical tales with which to enthral and inspire both reader and writer alike. The genres and styles of writing are varied, so there’s something for everyone to be found within its midst.

PHOTO PROMPT - © Jean L. Hays

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Chocolate Mousse

‘EMALS test fire in ten’

In retrospect, a comically written sign that said ‘Caution, chocolate mousse drowning hazard ahead’ should have been warning enough for Bill. Whoever had thought of using stock cars to shakedown a launch system needed shooting.


Taking a deep breath, Bill cursed the suggestion that shakedowns needed pilots. Live feedback my arse.


Tuning out from the count, Bill focused on the target. Filled with impact foam that resembled chocolate mousse, the car would launch skyward, hopefully to fall bonnet first within the landing zone. As the system engaged, Bill wondered how his career had hit a new low before shouting what had become an informal motto for test pilots around the world.

‘Yippee Ki-yay Mother……’


EMALS stands for “Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System” and is under development by the US Navy to launch carrier-based aircraft in place of the conventional steam piston drive.

Shakedown in a testing context refers to a period of testing using real or similar to real word conditions prior to being declared operational.